Tim Greiving is an arts journalist
in Los Angeles, specializing in film music.
He produces radio features for NPR,
Classical KUSC, and KPCC,
and has won a National Arts & Entertainment
Journalism Award for best radio feature.
His written features have been published by
Variety, L.A. Weekly, and Westword,
and program notes by the LA Philharmonic.
More than 30 soundtrack releases from La-La Land Records, Intrada, and Quartet Records
have carried his in-depth liner notes.

Tim writes about film music on his blog,
projector & orchestra.

I grew up in Colorado.
Now I live in Southern California.
I love my wife, dark coffee,
John Williams, em-dashes,
and Oxford commas.

Oh, that my epitaph would simply say:
"Surely he was the Truman Capote
of film music journalism."

Clients: NPR, L.A. Weekly,
Los Angeles Philharmonic, KPCC,
Variety, The Independent, Westword,
Classical KUSC, Intrada, La-La Land Records,
Quartet Records, BBC

Interviews: Tom Cruise, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, Seth MacFarlane, Richard Donner, Gus Van Sant, John Williams, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ivan Reitner, Bryce Dallas Howard, Hayley Mills, Paul Reubens, Randy Newman, Hans Zimmer, Marvin Hamlisch, Richard Sherman Alexandre Desplat,
Pharrell Williams, Danny Elfman

Winner, Best Radio Feature
(LA Press Club)
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